Thursday, August 20, 2009

St. George Adventures

Blake and I pulled into St. George last night and got our swim on, but only after surveying and spraying the yard for scorpions. That's normal right? We stayed up way too late, which is pretty normal, and took funny underwater pictures using the pool's multi-colored changing light as our muse. Good times.

Today was fantastic as we headed out to Sand Hollow State Park and jumped off as many cliffs as we could find into the cool water. That was mostly to escape the 105 degree heat. We also did a fair bit of swimming out to the dam and to the island in the middle of the reservoir, and now surprisingly, my arms are tired. I made a movie of our adventures today, I'll see if I can post it. More people are coming tonight and tomorrow, so even more good times should be had.

The thing I learned today is that the more beers one has the more willing they are to try a double back flip off of a twenty foot cliff. The guy got around once and almost a half and smacked his shoulders and head. Then went back up the cliff, chugged a beer and tried again.

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  1. Fantastic movie! Tell Scott (my Scott) to hurry and win Wipeout! so he can retire and we can come and play anytime anyplace. You guys have too much fun, makes me jealous.