Saturday, September 26, 2009

D.C. is where I be

Spontaneity is one of my favorite things in the world. Which is exactly why I am loving this trip I'm on so much. A little over a week ago my good old timey mission buddy Marcello Ambriz and I were chatting and we decided that we needed to go on a trip out east. He wanted to go to NYC, I said yes, but with the condition that we go to DC first so we can see Muse (U2 will be there too, consequently, but nothing's perfect).

So here we are. We got in yesterday, Marcello's old friend Sergio (and my new friend) is putting us up, then rode around on subways (or Metros if you will, if not that's cool too), and ended up at a party on top of a roof overlooking the Washington Monument, our nation's Capitol and the Washington Nationals' baseball park.

I thought the party would be super off the hook like in movies where people are in big cities and on rooftops, but as it turns out it was pretty much like any other party I've been to, except the amount of alcohol that was there. There were the little groups afraid of mingling with the other groups and even the guy playing the acoustic guitar to pick up chicks with.

Today, Saturday the 26th of September in the year twothousandandnine, we went to a nice little hispanic cafe for breakfast, then went to the Nationals' baseball game. My goal was to find an old school Expos hat, the one that has red white and blue sections, but I only found a blue one. Sadness for me. Ah well, there is always tomorrow.

The game itself was kinda boring. There were a few home runs, mostly by the Braves, but the Nationals hit one out for good measure near the end of the game to pull within 6 runs. The best part of the game was that we got to hang out with good people (including my Farmington/fellow Kensington St. neighbor Hannah Neville McSomething or other now;)) and eat a ball park hot dog, and there was a glorious rain too. I love the rain, it's always good times, at least when the temperature is up.

On the way back on the metro I saw two sisters that were little tweens get mad at each other and slap each other in the face! Ha! I told their parents it was the best part of my trip and they laughed at their awkward phased daughter. Good times indeed.


  1. I'm glad I at least made the blog. you are funny also.

  2. You are always off doing something cool! Way to be!

  3. Hannah, of course you made the blog. I'm glad to see I made yours, but while I have no picture, you referred to me as a kid you grew up with. Really? Is that what I have become? I'm going to steal your blog pic.